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Hi, I’m David.

I grew up in Minnesota but have now lived in Oklahoma continually longer than anywhere else and I don’t see myself leaving.  Although I can’t stand the heat in the summer, the other 10 months are awesome.  I’ve met great people all over the world, but pound for pound it’s hard to beat the good folks down here!  I’ve been married for 14 years to Leah, we have 6 children together ages 2- 13 that keep us plenty busy.  I love being a husband and a father, teaching them how to change tires, catch snakes, and help others.  We live in the country which has allowed me to pick up deer hunting and working on our land.  We work to let our faith in God lead our lives and have found the most joy serving and building relationships with friends and neighbors.   This is the origin of our first principles we follow which fits hand in glove with learning to follow the same financial principles I now share with my clients. Professionally I graduated from Brigham Young University.  I commonly tease the most valuable thing I learned was to learn how I learn best.   I continue to love to learn about all topics, from many different sources.  I spent a number of years working in the financial sector from Global Equities and Alternative investments to a Real Estate investment and development firm.  I was friends with Kyle and attended church with his family for many years before he approached me in 2016 about working with him and teaching me everything he knew about financial principles.  Ever willing to learn, I listened and the rest is history!  I’ve been a practicing Certified Principles-Based Financial Planner™ since 2017; I also obtained the Certified Financial Planner® designation in 2020.  I have also been involved in helping train new advisors become Certified Principles-Based Planners.  I have loved all of it and find myself as one of a few people who really does enjoy what they do for work.  I’ve been privileged to work with hundreds of clients, mostly in the medical community, resident physicians, but overtime has branched various industries.  I have worked 100% remotely with clients in 26 states so far.  Leah is waiting for the time when we take a road trip to visit them all!  Its amazing how connected you can become to great people sometimes never having met them in person.  I am thankful to all of my clients and my family for supporting me and helping me create a dream I can live throughout my life.

Planning that helps you grow from where you are

An interest of mine.

I love to be with my family. Just as I love to help my children learn and explore the world; I truly love to help people learn and explore the 5 Principles of Personal Finance that can put them in the best position to achieve financial freedom. Seeing people change their habits and behaviors to use the principles to measure their decisions and gain better control over their money is a very rewarding endeavor. Rewarding enough that I plan to do it even once I have personally achieved financial freedom.

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