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We Want You To Get the Most Out of Your Money

All of us have limited resources, even if we seem to have a lot to work with. As such, efficiency matters. Making your money do all it can do is an important objective.

We also know that whomever controls your money throughout your lifetime is who will win the game. We want that person to be you! We teach our clients how to retain control and use of their money throughout their lifetimes.

Our philosophy

Work and Knowledge Are Principles That Apply to Money.

Highly successful people do everything they can to stay in control of their money.  They aren’t looking for the easy path to wealth, because they know the easy route doesn’t lead there. Wealth creation starts by saving money in liquid, accessible, guaranteed accounts.  From there, the money should be invested in things the client is an expert in or is willing to become one on.

In other words, the principles you know to be true in other areas of your life also apply to money. Hard work and knowledge are still required ingredients. With that said, we know that the knowledge and principles we offer will make your ability to achieve financial freedom and remain there much simpler and clearer than without.

Do what financial institutions do - not what they teach

Wall Street is selling a lie to people. The lie is that creating financial independence simply requires you to “save” a portion of your income into mutual funds (in all their varieties) and “compound” your way there with “professional money management.” And what are they saying you need to know?  Nothing. You don’t need to know anything. Give up control, give up expertise, and constantly invest, no matter what the price of the investment is (that’s what “dollar-cost averaging” is). That’s the formula they are trying to sell to the masses as the path to financial success. Really? 

Your money should be invested in real assets that create cash flow for you, not just financial institutions. It’s time for you to stop being the last one to eat, so to speak.

We show you how to focus on what's really important

“Kyle Christensen has been my financial advisor for the past 18 months. I would recommend him without question to anyone.

Owning my own business, I generally focus on ways to make money. But equally important has been the knowledge of how to keep the money I have earned, how to invest it wisely, and how to protect the assets I have acquired. This is the area in that Kyle has been such a great benefit.

There was a situation when my wife and I had miscalculated our year-end bonus and found ourselves in the situation that every family tried to avoid. Not wanting to open a new line of credit or borrow money from family, we called Kyle to see if there was any advice he had for us. Within 24 hours, Kyle had found $15,000 that we didn’t even know we had. After feeling incredibly foolish, we were very grateful to have an advisor to save us. He not only helped us understand our situation, but he showed us how to avoid it in the future.

On a personal level, Kyle has a “no pressure” style that makes him very easy to communicate with. I am confident that when he advises something, it is always in the best interest of my family. I would recommend Kyle to anyone seeking to gain better control over their financial situation.”
Bryce N.​
Sales Manager​

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