About Us

Who is Unique Advantage?

Unique Advantage is the original Principles-Based Financial Planning firm.  We espouse the philosophy that first and foremost, financial freedom is the aim of financial planning.  We believe financial planning is not about predicting the future, but preparing for it, helping our clients be in the best position they can be in, regardless of the situation. 

We believe that our client’s best investment is themselves, their own businesses, their own properties, and their own ideas.  We believe clients should only invest in the things they know, the things they can control, and that they should avoid “chasing returns”.  We believe in the principles of work and knowledge.  The combination of those two principles is foundational to enduring success in anything, including a person’s finances.

Where are we from?

We are from all over the country.  Our plan is to keep growing and keep adding more Principles-Based Financial Planners to our team.  We all have different backgrounds and experiences, which adds to our strength. 

Because we meet almost exclusively by remote meeting with our clients, it really doesn’t matter where our clients live.  We can help them.  We believe that within our team of Principles-Based Planners, you’ll find one that works very well with you. 

Our Background

Work and Knowledge Are Principles That Apply to Money.

Unique Advantage was created because no other financial planning firm existed that explicitly espoused the idea that learning and following time-tested principles is the correct approach to achieving and maintaining financial freedom.   Almost all other financial planners follow a philosophy that is based on calculations and projections of a client’s so-called needs.  We don’t believe anyone can predict the future needs of a client.  We believe “needs-based planning”, which has been adopted by the majority of the financial services world, is simply a sales tactic, and has proven to be a massive failure over decades of its promotion and use.  Needs means minimum.  We believe most people don’t want to achieve minimum or have minimum protection.  We believe people want the best outcome they can reasonably have, and therefore that is what we strive for. 


We also don’t believe the stock market is the end-all-be-all that it has been made out to be.  Again, we believe our clients are their own best investment.  In fact, if anything, the stock market, and investing in it through mutual funds (the most common vehicle), has not worked for people.  Although the majority of Americans have money invested in the stock market, the statistics prove that the amounts they accumulate will never help them achieve financial freedom.  As such, we do not practice Assets Under Management (AUM).  We believe the best investments a client can participate in are ones that cannot be sold by financial institutions and are not managed on Wall Street.

Our Why

We believe the real reason people want help financially is so that they can become free financially.  That is our WHY, to teach our clients principles that help them become and remain financially free. 

We don’t predict needs.  We don’t pick stocks or investments for our clients.  We teach them principles.  We help them prepare their financial foundations so that their plans work under the most circumstances.  We provide financial education and expect our clients to then put in the work. 

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