The Principles-Based Planning Process

Comprehensive, Holistic, Simple

Our process is truly Unique, starting with our desire to find out what really matters to you and what you are hoping we can do to help you. We want your agenda to be our agenda.

Our process is educational, thorough, organized, and holistic. We seek to simplify your financial situation in a powerful way so that you can make the best financial decisions for yourself and your family.


Stage 1:

The Elements

We call the first stage in the process, The Elements.

During this stage we want to find out exactly where you are and make sure we have a clear understanding of what you want, what you are concerned about, and what you are working towards. We want to have a super clear picture of your current financial situation.

During this stage we also introduce the five foundational principles of personal finance.


Stage 2:

Strategic evaluation

During this stage of the process we focus on the first two principles of personal finance, which relate to your savings and your protection.

Most people don’t pay enough attention to this area of their planning, which is why most people fail financially. It doesn’t matter how nice the paint and decorations are when the walls and foundation are weak.

We want to make sure you have a strong foundation upon which you will build your financial freedom.


Stage 3:


Now, we evaluate a person’s current life insurance and liquidity strategies. We compare their current strategies with strategies that improve efficiency and effectiveness. 


Stage 4:


During this stage we discover ways in which our clients can plan to make their assets work more effectively and efficiently for them.

We discuss ways in which the Velocity of Money principle can be applied to their Unique circumstances and how they can avoid giving up control, expertise, and cash flow to financial institutions.

Your Path to Financial Freedom Begins Here

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