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Why choose principles-based financial planning?

Whether you know it or not, you are are in a battle for control over your money. Financial institutions are doing everything they can to separate you from the use and control of your money over your lifetime. By learning the rules for money and the foundational principles we teach, you will be empowered to filter all of the financial choices you are faced with so that you can retain the control and use of your money throughout your lifetime. Whomever is control of your money is who is going to win this “game of money”. We want that to be you!


Save 15% or more of your total income

It all begins here.  If you don’t save, or if you don’t save enough, you will never become financially free. Saving systematically and automatically is the first and most important choice that leads to financial freedom.

Most people think they are saving, but they are simply automatically (without thought) putting money into investments. Investing and saving are not the same thing. To become financially free, a person must begin by truly saving.


Maximum Protection

What kind of protection would you want if you knew you were going to get sued, knew you were going to have major health issues, knew you were going to become disabled, or knew you were going to die tomorrow?  That’s the kind of protection you should have now.

There are three reasons people don’t have their maximum protection:

  1. They don’t know their options.
  2. They think it’s going to cost too much.
  3. They don’t think it’s going to happen to them…at least, not yet.

We help our clients know what their maximum levels of protection are, and encourage and help them find a way to obtain it.  


Full Replacement of Assets Upon Death

Most retirees are afraid to use and enjoy the wealth they create.  Why?  Because they don’t know how long they’ll live or how much things will cost.  They just know those things will probably continue to increase.  What also concerns them is their inability to replace the assets they might use.  As such, they try not to use their assets.  

Who benefits when people are afraid to use their money?  Financial institutions.  In fact, they encourage strategies that lead directly to this situation.

What if you had the ability to replace and restore 100% of the your assets to your surviving spouse or loved ones when you die?  How would that change things?

This principle does exactly that!  It removes the fear of using your assets while you are alive. 


Build and Maintain Six Months to One Year of Income Storage

Liquidity is essential to avoiding debt, and it is essential to taking advantage of the best investment opportunities in the world.  Cash truly is king when it comes to the game of wealth creation.  

Most people never get to the place of having sufficient emergency storage of income, let alone having enough money to participate in the best investments.

Why don’t they? Because they are usually unconscious spenders and they are doing exactly what Wall Street wants them to do, which is to put their money in accounts that are illiquid, unusable, and inaccessible for long periods of time.


Velocity of money

If you want to win the game of money, you can’t do what financial institutions want you to do. You have to do what they do and focus on what they focus on.

So, what do they do? They strive to get as many uses of the same dollar as possible. They care more about the rate at which the money returns to them than they do the rate at which it grows. They know that the more times they can use the money, the more velocity it will have, and thus, the greater wealth and benefits it can create.

As Principles-Based Planners, we will teach you how to get greater velocity on your money by helping you retain control and use of your money throughout your lifetime.

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