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Darren B. Cardwell


I have vast business experience in sales, marketing, administration, accounting, management and ownership in the trucking industry as a semi-trailer and truck dealer/distributor, in the real estate industry as an investor and property manager, in the landscape maintenance industry and now in the financial services industry. Almost 40 years of business experience have brought me to the point where I understand a wide range of challenges facing people in reaching and maintaining financial freedom. I stay away from the word retirement because I don’t ever see myself wanting to quit helping people become and remain financially free.  My wife, Terry, and I have been married for over 38 years. We’re the parents of four sons, three of whom are married, and the grandparents of 2 grandsons and 3 granddaughters.  Basketball was my passion till multiple knee surgeries humbled me. I’m interested in and love watching many different sports, and I’m a big-time fan of a favorite local college team – you guess… blue or red?  I’m becoming a voracious reader and I prefer spending time with my family most of all. I’m a disciple of Jesus Christ and hope to emulate him in all of my daily endeavors.

I consider the principles we teach to be the foundation of becoming and remaining financially free. Without these principles, we’re all subject to the non-existent “crystal ball” that Wall Street promotes. I won’t be satisfied until these financial principles have reached everyone in the United States who will listen.

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Family Is Everything!

This is my family consisting of my wife, Terry, my four sons, Kyle, Cory, Connor and Cade, with Cory’s wife Alle, Connor’s wife Nicole and Cade’s wife Jessica. Then there’s the greatest reason for living ever created by God… grandchildren! Cory and Alle have Finch (and missing from this picture is Crosby, their new daughter born in January 2023). Connor and Nicole have Lucy. Cade and Jessica have Jackson. I absolutely love my family and love being with them. They truly bring joy to my wife and I.

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