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Kyle Christensen, CFP®


Hi, I’m Kyle.

Personal: I’m originally from Utah, but currently live in San Antonio, Texas, with my beautiful wife (married since 1998) and two of my three amazing daughters (one is off to college). I’ve always loved the game of basketball and I am an avid fisherman. Most of my fishing is done on a kayak nowadays along the Texas coast. But I still take opportunities to fly fish (i.e. the San Juan River in New Mexico and the Guadalupe near San Antonio). I love the outdoors, backpacking, camping, and breathing fresh air. I am a man of faith, believe in God, and try to live my life in harmony with the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Professional: I graduated from Utah State University in Logan, UT. But have never stopped learning. I read about 20 books per year, mostly in the genres of Biography, Auto-Biography, History, Personal Finance, Business, and Self-Improvement. I love sharing what I learn with my clients, striving to pass on principles that have helped the most successful people in the world to become such. I am the owner of Unique Advantage and Fiveth (an organization I created for the purpose of training financial advisors to become Principles-Based Financial Planners). I am the creator of the Personal Financial Snapshot software and the Principles-Based Planning Process. I am also the author of Principles-Based Planning: A Better Approach to Financial Planning. I’ve been a Certified Financial Planner™ since 2003 and have been doing financial planning since 1999. I am a practicing Certified Principles-Based Financial Planner™. I’ve had the privilege and opportunity to work with hundreds of clients of various income levels, ages, and occupations throughout the United States. Although I am happy to work with anyone who is willing to learn our Principles-Based approach, I especially love working with business owners, dentists, and oral surgeons, because they know their best investment is themselves. I currently have clients in more 18 states across the U.S. 100% of my meetings are done by remote meeting, which means I can help anyone, no matter where they live in the country. I absolutely love what I do and never see myself wanting to stop. I am blessed with the best clients in the world who all have the objective of becoming and remaining financially free. I am lucky to be a part of their lives.

Planning that helps you grow from where you are

An interest of mine.

My family is the most important thing to me in my life. Everyday I work for them. Everyday I strive to succeed for them. My wife is the best thing that ever happened to me. My children are who give me the greatest role I could ever have, which is to be their dad. I believe that finances should work for families, and not the other way around. Unfortunately, most people and their families, are working for money, instead of having their money work for them. My goal in life is to help people change that. 

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