Our Philosophy About Wealth Creation

Most of us have limited resources.  Even those that have millions of dollars in assets have limited resources.  In other words, a person can spend or lose everything they have, even if it seems like they have a lot.  Because we have limited resources we have to have our money do all it can do.  We call this Velocity of Money.  The more uses a person has of their money, the greater the velocity.  Not surprisingly, financial institutions try to get people to participate in “single-use” products or accounts, such as 529 Plans, 401(k)’s, IRA’s, and so on.  These accounts are designed for a single purpose, and cannot be used for any other purpose without being penalized.  

We encourage our clients to retain control of their money and get as many uses of their money as possible throughout their lifetimes.  Highly successful people do everything they can to stay in control of their money.  They aren’t looking for the easy path to wealth, because they know the easy path doesn’t lead there.  Wall Street is selling a lie to people.  The lie is that creating financial independence simply requires you to “save” a portion of your income into mutual funds (in all their varieties) and “compound” your way there with “professional money management”.  And what are they saying you need to know?  Nothing.  You don’t need to know anything.  Give up control, give up expertise, and constantly invest, no matter what the price of the investment is (that’s what “dollar-cost averaging” is).  That’s the formula they are trying to sell to the masses as the path to financial success.  Really?  How is that possibly going to work out?  It won’t, and it doesn’t.  The opposite does.  Wealth creation starts by saving money in liquid, accessible, guaranteed accounts.  From there, the money should be invested in things that the client is an expert or is willing to become one.  In other words, we believe work and effort is required in order to create long-term wealth.  The money should be invested in real assets, ones that create cash flow back to the client.  Then, the cash flow is added to the client’s savings.  It’s the savings that compounds in this process!  As the savings compounds, so does the client’s ability to invest in more opportunities.  As cash flow from assets increases, financial freedom becomes more and more of a reality.  

Client Reviews

  • “After my husband graduated his ER residency and started his career working in the Emergency Room, we knew this was the time for our family to focus on our future and what that means to us.  After meeting with Kyle Christensen, CFP, we knew we were in good hands.  He really focused on educating us about our finances and how we could reach our financial goals.  Now, adter a year and a half we are on our way to being debt free, saving money and completely protected against the unknown.  It was nice to be able to have someone help us with all the financial questions we had and even the ones we didn’t know we had!  I would recommend his services to anyone looking for peace of mind and sense of control when it comes to your financial matters.”

    “I’d like to add that Mr. Christensen is a great friend, active father and supportive husband to his wife, who is amazing too!”

    –  LEANDRA R. (ER DOCTOR – 2015)

  • “My husband and I met Kyle in November 2014.  Since then Kyle has streamlined our finances and assisted us in saving more of our money.  We now are more conscientious of our spending and are moving towards financial freedom.  Kyle has put us on a debt elimination plan by simply redirecting our money.  He also assisted us with getting better insurance coverage.  We now have ten times more coverage than we previously had at no extra cost.  WOW!  Kyle has taught us the fundamental principles of financial success and we are so grateful for his expertise and time!  He also organized our financial documents and returned them in a file cabinet.  We are excited about our future and feel we have a new member to our family!”


  • “Kyle Christensen has been my financial advisor for the past 18 months.  I would recommend him without question to anyone.

    Owning my own business, I generally focus on ways to make money.  But equally important has been the knowledge of how to keep the money I have earned, how to invest it wisely, and how to protect the assets I have acquired.  This is the area that Kyle has been such a great benefit.

    There was a situation when my wife and I had miscalculated our year-end bonus and found ourselves in the situation that every family tried to avoid.  Not wanting to open a new line of credit or borrow money from family, we called Kyle to see if there was any advice he had for us.  Within 24 hours, Kyle had found $15,000 that we didn’t even know we had.  After feeling incredibly foolish, we were very grateful to have an advisor to save us.  He not only helped us understand our situation, but he showed us how to avoid it in the future.

    On a personal level, Kyle has a “no pressure” style that makes him very easy to communicate with.  I am confident that when he advises something, it is always in the best interest of my family.  I would recommend Kyle to anyone seeking to gain better control over their financial situation.”

    – BRYCE N. (SALES MANAGER – 2013)

  • “My wife and I have had an incredible journey with Kyle.  We have walked through a process to find a right and balanced way to streamline our finances.  We have set up achievable stepping stones to help us move towards a healthier understanding of how to best use our money in the present moment and in planning for the future.

    Kyle has been an incredible resource.  He has conducted himself with incredible character and sensitivity as he has handled our financial planning.”

    – ROBERT G (PASTOR -2013)

  • “We have been with Kyle for 8 years.  In 2005, we were expecting our first child and we were concerned about planning for the future and protecting ourselves and our unborn child.  Marcy grew up in the military and was always an advocate of having adequate protection and coverage and having your affairs in order.  I was more interested in an investment plan that would perform and meet our family’s needs.  Kyle offered a plan that fulfilled both Marcy’s needs and my needs in an intricate balance that makes us all comfortable.  Kyle’s plan is all encompassing and is a bit of an educational process, but it is worth the education, because you have to know that you are doing that best thing for your financial lifetime.

    In 8 years I have seen a real estate bubble burst and the great economic recession and haven’t been worried about my financial assets at all.  Instead I’m only looking for opportunities to grow my balance sheet, but most important, understanding what is causing the forces in the economy.

    On a personal note, Kyle is now a family friend.  We enjoy meeting with him, even spending some time fishing together.  He is dedicated to his work and stands behind it 100%.  He does have your best interest and a secure future as his priority.  It is with great confidence that we recommend Kyle to anyone who wants to take steps to secure their financial future.”


  • “About eight years ago, before meeting with Kyle, I felt less secure and unsure of my financial future.  We have implemented many of the LEAP principles including whole life insurance, and other financial models to more effectively make our money work for us.  By using these financial strategies and services, I have more control of my family’s financial outlook.  I feel much more secure and have a much healthier financial future that not only includes improved security, but also creates wealth.  What a great combination!”

    – DAVE E. (2010 – ENGINEER)

  • “Kyle met with my wife and I in the winter of 2010.  Kyle was excellent in presenting his services, products, and unique investment style to us.  I found him to be responsive to our concerns, knowledgeable in his field, and a competent adviser.

    Kyle was able to answer complicated and in depth questions regarding his recommended products.  He provided services in a friendly, professional, and confidential manner.  He has been available to answer additional questions throughout the year and we look forward to our annual meetings.

    I have confidence in his qualifications, capacity, and expertise.  I have recommended and will continue to recommend colleagues, family, and friends to seek his services”


  • “Everyone who knows me, knows that I love dealing with finances.  I spend a lot of time researching and studying things to better understand how the money I work hard for can in turn work hard for me.  Sometimes my wife thinks I’m a little fanatic about money, but we both understand that at its core it can bless people’s lives.  One of my greatest desires is to share my experience and resources to either help people get off on the right foot or make necessary course corrections that will lead them to financial success.

    As I’ve furthered my understanding of money, I have also added resources to assist my family.  These resources are people that I rely on for educated and strategic advice.  I have made my choices of team members based on certain philosophy and principles about wealth building that I know to be true.  I recommend that you invest an hour of your valuable time with Kyle Christensen.  He has been an instrument in helping me understand more clearly various money decisions I’ve had to make over the past year.  I’m always impressed with his ability to analyze various situations and come to conclusions.  He takes the time to find out and explain things in ways that make sense.  He makes sure that he understands what you want the outcome of your financial decisions to be.”


  • “I would highly recommend Kyle Christensen to anyone who desires to prepare an optimal financial plan.  I feel his program is especially helpful when two or more people’s decisions are required in a financial plan (i.e. married couples).  One of the greatest outcomes from Kyle’s service is that it puts couples’ financial goals and thinking patterns on the same level.  Further, it gets people out of the ‘procrastination’ mode and encourages them to move onward with frequent reviews.  I also feel Unique Advantage provides a good networking service for people to align themselves with individuals with expertise in many areas of need.

    Can people succeed without Unique Advantage?  Of course!  However, I feel U.A. can enhance anyone’s plan and provide them with opportunities and the knowledge to be more successful than they could be without U.A..”


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Principle #1Save 15% or More of Your Income

It all begins here.  If you don’t save, or if you don’t save enough, you will never create wealth.  Saving systematically and automatically is the first habit that leads to wealth creation.  

Principle #2Maximum Protection

What kind of protection would you want if you knew you were going to get sued, knew you were going to have major health issues, knew you were going to become disabled, or knew you were going to die tomorrow?  That’s the kind of protection you should have now, because what you have at the time of the event is all you’re going to have.  You can’t change it at that point.  We help our clients know what their maximum levels of protection are, encourage and help them find a way to obtain it.  

Principle #3 – Full Asset Replacement Upon Death 

Why are retirees so afraid to use their assets in retirement?  Because they don’t have a guaranteed way to replace any of the assets they might use and they don’t know how long they are going to live or what sorts of expenses might come their way.  If retirees had a system in place to replace any and all assets they might consume, the fear of running out would dissipate.  

Principle #4Six Months to One Year of Income Storage

Liquidity is essential to avoiding debt, and it is essential to taking advantage of the best investment opportunities in the world.  Cash truly is king when it comes to the game of wealth creation.  

Principle #5Velocity of Money

Don’t do what financial institutions want you to do.  Do what they do.  Get as many uses of your money throughout your lifetime as possible.  Retain control of your money throughout your lifetime.  Invest in assets that produce cash flow back to you.  Don’t give up control and expertise for decades, just hoping things will work out well for you.  Take the steering wheel, use the gas pedal and the brake, and control your financial destiny versus giving all of the control to someone else.  We teach our clients how to take greater control of their financial present and future.