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Evergreen, Colorado


Maria Bentancourt Profile

I’m Maria

I’m here to empower you with principles that demonstrate how your money can work for you. I saw firsthand how Wall Street was not on the side of the average investor and experienced the hypocrisy of what they taught compared to what they did to create wealth. 

Frustrated with this culture and the values espoused by corporate America, I started my own business and ran it for 18 years. I experienced the highs and lows of entrepreneurship and would have benefited from understanding how to protect my assets and prepare for the unexpected. Now I’m on a mission to share lessons learned with my clients as they seek greater financial freedom.

At Unique Advantage, our mission is to educate people on how to make money work for you, versus, working for money. I will help you by:

  • TEACHING foundational principles that lead to becoming and remaining financially free.
  • DEMONSTRATING the talk and embracing these principles myself.
  • PREPARING you for unforeseen ‘curve balls’ that may jeopardizerevenue.
  • EXPLAINING how you can achieve maximum protection against the things that can ruin a plan.
  • GUIDING you to become a real investor, focused on expertise, control, and cash flow.
  • NURTURING & ILLUSTRATING the Three Rules for Investing:
    • Invest in yourself
    • Invest in what you can control
    • Don’t chase returns
  • SIMPLIFYING your financial life using our revolutionary one-page Snapshot Model™.
  • TEACHING freedom: we don’t teach ‘retirement.’ Retirement, by definition, means either ‘quitting a job/career’ or ‘an age’. Freedom, on the other hand, is a capability.

A few questions for you:

  • Are you ready to learn and act on principles that predictably lead to financial freedom?
  • Would you like to learn how to create wealth the way financial institutions do?
  • If you could have full control and use of your money throughout your lifetime, as opposed to giving that up, what could you accomplish?

Are you ready to get started?

Embracing the Adventure


I’m an adventure junkie! Among many outdoor passions, climbing 14ers is one of my favs (I love skiing too!) Nothing beats the awesome vista from the summit and the satisfaction of reaching my goal. However, I would never start my climb before careful preparation that includes training, nutrition, and having the right equipment– from my shoes to my poles.

Successfully climbing a 14er and achieving financial freedom have a lot in common. To achieve your financial freedom, you need the right tools and preparation to succeed. In hiking, a map is critical. To choose the correct path that leads to the desired destination financially, you also need a map. The “map” is made up of foundational principles, designed to help you recognize and avoid financial detours and dead ends. Our process is designed to help you learn and implement these time-tested principles.

Principles-Based Financial Planning
Summitting a 14er is honestly a ton of work. Time, effort, and some discomfort are part of the equation, but it’s always worth it. Nothing beats the views! Few things compare to that feeling when looking back over the distance traveled. I know the same will happen for you, as you learn and implement these principles. I’m excited to help you on your journey and teach you what I have learned!

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